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Posted by WestGroupe  

Building A 20/20 Relationship With Your Patients

Eyecare doesn’t only have to be about the ins-and-outs of appointments. Your patients are also people that have lives, stories, and hobbies! Getting to know them through verbal and nonverbal communication will ensure that they are as happy with your service as you are with having them as patients! Here are a few tips to consider.


Make conversation

Does Mr. Davis like to skydive? Does Ms. Tremblay have children? Showing interest in your patients’ lives will help create meaningful and long-term relationships. It might even make them more comfortable and less anxious about eye exams. Wouldn’t you go back to a professional that is genuinely interested in you? We certainly would!


Listen actively

By maintaining eye contact, smiling, and nodding your head, you are showing your patients that you appreciate them. It’s important for them to feel valued, especially when discussing treatment options or plans of care. Make them feel like they are the only person that matters during their appointment. Why? Because they are!


Be open with your patients

Your patients are eager to know more about you and your expertise! Educate them about their eyes and treatment options that are available to them. Offer them reading material, relevant website links or video resources, and let them know you are open to any and every question they may have!


Using these tips to develop a healthy working relationship with your patients can certainly help retain their business and ensure that you stay top of mind when they recommend an eye care solution provider!

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