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When it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get back-to-school ready, we all tend to look for solutions that are the most convenient – but when it comes to your patients, is convenience always the best option? Online shopping can be a great tool, but when speaking about vision care, it can be hard to account for the subtle and individualistic nuances that can be found in each pair of glasses. As the fall and upcoming school year edge closer, speak to your patients about the advantages of spending a little more time on their frame and lens selection by visiting an ECP.

Every Pair of Glasses Is Custom-Made

  • Patients can easily decide between different designs and materials for their frames, but what they may not know is that there are different materials and treatments for lenses as well. As their ECP, you can communicate the benefits of a particular treatment based on their lifestyle. Furthermore, everyone’s head and eyes are different, so explain why you, their ECP, must take various measurements to ensure a proper fit.

Making Sure The Glasses Look Great

  • Going into a physical location allows the customer to try on every shape and style to see which frame suits their personal look the best. By being present during the selection process, an ECP can lend their expertise to guide them in selecting the best options for their face shape and can ensure proper fit. This can be especially important when it comes to children’s eyewear, since many of their activities require properly fitting glasses to ensure safety.

Need Bifocals or Progressives?

  • Bifocals and progressive lenses present extra challenges to the shopping process. There are many options for multifocal lenses – to figure out which one is best for the patient; an in-depth conversation with an ECP is required. Furthermore, fitting multifocal lenses can be an intricate process due to the additional prescription power that is added to the lens. For these reasons, extra measurements must be taken to ensure proper fit and vision accuracy.

Later Adjustments

  • Making sure glasses fit properly goes beyond the initial visit. After shopping at their ECP’s retail store, patients have the option to make return visits to re-adjust their frames. Because of this, their frames can maintain shape, be more comfortable and last longer than those ordered from their online counterparts. When it comes to kids, bumps and scrapes are unavoidable, so having an ECP to visit makes future adjustments easier, and frames last longer.


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