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Posted by WestGroupe  


While we’ve all been out enjoying the summer weather, the month of August has crept up on us, and with it, back to school. With more children starting to wear their glasses earlier, it’s important that you make your store a one-stop shop for all of their back to school eyewear needs. Check out these 5 tips for how you can get your store and your customers back-to-school ready!

  1. Put your children’s eyewear as well as brand POP material in the window so that every parent passerby knows that you can fulfill their child’s needs.
  2. Let your patients know about the importance of properly fitted frames that will be able to endure their child’s active lifestyle.
  3. Send an eblast reminder to your customers that reinforces the importance of getting children’s eyes checked – especially with a year of looking at the blackboard or whiteboard ahead.
  4. Communicate the dangers of digital eyestrain, and how today’s use of laptops and tablets can have damaging effects on vision if not treated with the correct lenses.
  5. Make sure parents understand the importance of having a back-up pair of frames. Since kids tend to play a littler rougher, or can leave their belongings behind, it always helps to have a second pair.


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