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Posted by WestGroupe  

MARY KITCHEN TALKS TRENDS – Eyewear: Must-Have 2014 Accessory

Wearing Fysh UK’s #F-3511-642


References to “Revenge of The Nerds” and “four-eyes” have officially been left behind in grade school and I’m pleased to announce that glasses are now the accessory they’ve always longed to be. Today’s eyewear trend: frames so chic you may need to make room for a ‘glasses section’ in your closet. It’s called fashion for your face, and men and women can now use needing specs to their advantage. Eyewear is on its way to becoming the must-have accessory of 2014 (although, Pharrell’s hat is a close second) because frame options have become endless, affordable and entirely capable of defining your look.

 While grateful to Kanye, Sophia Loren, Bono and Pee-Wee Herman for advancing eyewear to the forefront of popular culture, versatility and specs now go together like Maverick and his aviators (Thank you to Tom Cruise for also perfecting the wayfarer à la Risky Business).

 Colored frames fun, wearing FYSH UK #3491-848



The question is how you’re feeling today? Geeky chic, Nouveau Sophisticated, Arty Eccentrico, Sexy 70s or Vintage Metals. Depending on the day, the outfit, (and God forbid the shoes), giving your outfit that extra edge has become a whole new art form. (Confession: I currently have at least ten different pairs of optical glasses in my possession. Don’t ask me to count my sunglasses.)

Justin Bieber report wearing FYSH UK #3512-868



I loved this Forbes article—yes, the ‘Instagram look’ is a ‘thing’ (think 70s personified in tortoise print frames with soft shapes). From aquatics to earthy garden hues, it’s ok to be bold. And let’s not underestimate the classics: angular frames that scream professional. They modify slightly by season, but they’re constantly on trend (Meryl Streep’s Oscar campaign proves it)!

So, glasses are now like lipstick: you can switch them up for every occasion. Behind the scenes at work I’m in my Blueberry 3512-868 Fysh UK frames (this story was all about Bieber … all the better to see him with). But when hitting the Grammys red carpet, it’s all about these bigger and bolder frames.

Grammy Awards 2014, Wearing FYSH UK #3498-862


Instead of worrying about matching your frames, I challenge you to let them turn your style up a notch. Ready, set, get creative! Tweet me with your Fashion For Your Face by using #F4YF – I wanna see ‘em!

Yours in eyewear,


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