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Posted by WestGroupe  

Tricks To Make Halloween A Treat For Your Business

Halloween kicks off the holiday season, so why not take advantage of it to bring customers into your store? The spooky festival might not appear to be an obvious marketing opportunity as your business is getting ready for all the other upcoming festivities, but preparing for it doesn’t have to be a scary experience! Here are a few simple ideas to consider:

Create a mysterious decor

Halloween is the perfect holiday to unleash your creativity. Why not transform your store with ghoulish decor? Your customers will surely appreciate the effort and originality. The more creative you get, the more people will talk about it. So turn on the fog machine and who knows, you might even attract customers that you might not normally reach!

Offer enchanting discounts

Encourage your customers to partake in the festivities by teasing them with an offer. You might want to give an instant rebate when they visit your store in a costume. Discounts related to a holiday can even be a way to encourage customers to increase their spending. Something to consider with the holidays around the corner!

Host a wicked costume party

Eyecare doesn’t have to be a serious business 24/7. Host a fun costume party and invite your employees, suppliers, but mostly your loyal customers to thank them for their business. After the event, post photos on your social media channels, which your customers can then share on their personal pages, allowing your party to live on!

Create a bewitching social media presence

Halloween is a great time to have some fun with your social media spaces! You can use them in different ways to engage with both existing and potential customers. Why not run Halloween-themed trivia, a contest, or ask them to post photos of themselves in costume to win a free eye exam or a pair of frames.

Welcome trick or treaters of all ages

One thing we can all agree on is that free candy makes everything better! Quite a few businesses open their doors to trick or treaters for Halloween. It gives you a great opportunity to interact with your customers as well as meet potential ones. More than likely, they will appreciate the gesture which helps ensure your business stays top of mind.  

Halloween isn’t only about kids in adorable costumes and eating too much candy. Businesses can take advantage of the spooky occasion by creating engaging and fun customer experiences. Your business will appear more authentic, encouraging your existing clientele to return, and giving you a great opportunity to attract new customers.  

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