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Posted by WestGroupe  

WestGroupe’s Checklist For This Year’s Trade Show Season



Trade show season is ramping up again with Vision Expo West just around the corner. To help you, our trusted retail partners, successfully walk the exhibitor floor, we have put together a checklist of how you can make the most of your trade show experience.

  1. Create An Inventory Checklist
    • Come to this year’s trade shows prepared with a comprehensive list of what products and how many units you need to buy for your store. By having this information handy, you will be able to easily decide when you have reached your quota.
  2. Speak To Your Internal Staff
    • Your frontline staff often have hidden nuggets of information related to customer preferences. Speak with them before attending to see if there are particular colors or shapes that should be added to or extended within your product selection. Furthermore, conduct a little research to see what styles are currently trending in the market.
  3. Set A Budget Before Your Get There
    • Walking the exhibitor floor can be overwhelming with so many choices available. Decide on a budget before getting to the show and monitor your spending throughout.
  4. Pre-Book Appointments
    • By pre-booking some of your appointments, you can add a certain level of structure to your trade show experience. When setting appointments, be sure to ask your reps about any show specials they may be having – this will allow you to properly plan and stick to the budget you have already set.
  5. Look Into Support Tools
    • When speaking with vendors, be sure to ask about what support tools are available for their product lines. WestGroupe, for example, offers a full suite of displays, counter cards, banners, as well as print and digital ads.
  6. Network
    • Be sure to bring your business cards to foster relationships with potential vendors. Moreover, collect their business cards and write helpful hints on the back to jog your memory in the future as to why you were interested in their product offering in the first place.
  7. Dress For Comfort
    • Though many of these shows take place in warm destinations, the exhibitor floor is often air-conditioned. Be sure to dress in layers and wear appropriate footwear so you can stay comfortable from beginning to end.

Be sure to visit the WestGroupe Booth at VEW to see the latest from all of your favorite brands! Check your show floor map and look for us at booth number 18023.

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